Monday, September 29, 2014

Broadway ke Java 2014

On August 2014, on behalf of Bibie's request, some of us gathered for lunch.  I think it was on Eid al-Fitr holiday.  Anyway, before I go to the place where we're going to have lunch, I decided to go to Starbucks on Skyline Building first, to meet Lisa.  Lisa was already there  when I finally arrived.  She apparently wasn't alone, she was with her friend. After a standard introduction, we got to talk, and I simply forgot what we talked about at first, but we suddenly talked about Broadway Musical.  He, Lisa's friend was a he, he said that there will be a performance that will show some snippets from Broadway musical on September.  As we said goodbye later, I said to him, as he wasn't coming with us, that I will be waiting for the invitation.

August went away then come September.  I keep remembering the information that tucked on the back of my mind.  I keep waiting for the invitation.  When I was planning on texting Lisa, she texted me first and voila...she asked me to accompany her to Broadway ke Java.

Broadway ke Java [Broadway goes to Java] was held from 26-28 September 2014 at Ice Palace, Lotte Shopping Avenue.  If you can see the picture, you'll see that on Saturday and Sunday, they have 2 shows; matinee or 12 o'clock show and afternoon show.  Lisa asked me to choose. After talked to her back, about her schedule, we decided to watch the show on the Saturday at 7 pm.

There was some misinformed on Lisa's part, so we're late to attend the show.  We arrived at the door at 7.45 pm, thinking that the show was started at 8pm, so we're late. But, since we arrive precisely at the end of one number, we're allowed to enter, but can't get to our seat.  So we stand near the door, right by the stage, and watch the show from there.  What we saw? A song from The Producers, "Keep It Gay".  Love it!! I really can feel my eyes got bigger, my smile got wider, and try to listen the words carefully.

Brodway ke Java have 2 Act and each act consist of 8 songs or numbers.  

Act 1

  • The New World (Songs For A New World)
  • Live In Living Color (Catch Me If You Can)
  • You Don't Know (Next To Normal)
  • The Song That Goes Like This (Spamalot)
  • With You (Ghost)
  • Keep It Gay (The Producers)
  • One Night Only (Dreamgirls)
  • LaVie Boheme (Rent)
Act 1
  • Biggest Blame Fool (Seussical The Musical)
  • Omigod You Guys (Legally Blonde The Musical)
  • Heart (Damn Yankees)
  • Love Is My Legs (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel)
  • My Stronger Suit (Aida)
  • If Only (The Little Mermaid)
  • One Day More (Les Miserables)
  • Evolution Of Broadway
From 16 numbers, I only familiar with The Producers, Dreamgirls, Rent, Aida, and Les Miserables. But surprisingly I kinda like "Heart" from Damn Yankees.  The song was catchy.  And I like the tenor hahaha.  If Only from The Little Mermaid was also good.

The show was played by JPAC, Jakarta Performing Arts Community, which started out as a group of friends who just love to perform, loves theater in all form, acting dancing singing.  Broadway ke Java was JPAC wasy to convey that Broadway appeals to everyone, can appeals to everyone.  (Taken from the book program :D)

I think, since it's "only" a community, I don't expect elaborate costume and props.  Their props was only a big screen and 2 large blocks that can be used as a small stage or a bench to seat.  That's it. The music was minus one, I think.  But the singing was real hahaha.  And they CAN sing.  At least to my ear I don't hear any bad tone.  Some mic having a little trouble, or when four people singing together one voice is stronger than the other.  A little bit annoying but I can tolerate it.

And also, I think, since it's "only" a community, the performers were not a professional performers.  So I don't expect great dancers, although I do expect that they at least can carry a tune (they can). 

After every two songs, the have some kind of "intermission" that kinda explain a little about the next number. This little intermission was like a little comedy sketch.  At first I'm a little confuse about this intermission.  Then Lisa explained, that that was a little intermission.  I think it gives the performer to catch a breath or get ready for the next number.  But near the end, the audience was getting bored with the intermissions, because it felt like they don't have anything fresh or not even funny.  Some even groan when the intermissions happening.  I don't know if they really dislike it, or they just teased them.  

Overall...I really enjoy the performance.  I don't really care about the props or the costume, as long as they can sing, then it's ok on my book.  Beside, the number that were performed don't have lots of dancing number, although...I find it quite annoying when there's a dancing number but you don't dance seriously.

But I do wish that before they sing the song, at least they played or perform some act that lead to the story, because not everyone knows the story. And...instead of little intermission, I would rather have someone explained a little about the play or about the performance, make it look like a Tony award hahaha...

On December, they were planning on performing "A Nightmare Before Christmas" for children.  Let see if I can ask Ingrid to see those.

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