Sunday, December 14, 2014

Journey of A Girl with A Camera Tatoo - A Blog

The picture above is a snapshot of my beloved friend's blog.  The blog itself is quite new, but the girl who made it is one of my old friends.

Her name is Lisa.  She's a photographer.  Right now, she's working as a wedding photographer, in Edward Suhadi Production.  

I knew Lisa while we're at Tarumanaga University ages ago, we met in our University Choir.  Both of us are Altos, but she has better voice than me hahaha...  Our singing time together has long gone.  I don't even singing in a choir anymore, but Lisa until a few years ago still do.  Until her work almost take over her life - hyperbola mode on.

I don't think I realize her talent in photography, maybe because at that time, owning a digital camera was a luxury.  Even mobile phone was still a new thing back then.  

Later, after every one of my friends has their own life and work, I began to see her talent. And I must say, she's good.

Back in June 2014, both of us went to Bali, to attend another of my (our) friend get married.  Because it was a small wedding, almost every person that come to the wedding has a job to do.  But not Lisa.  She's purely come as a guess.  (Well some are also come as a guess, but mostly were come because they has a job to do).  Nowadays, digital camera is a common thing. And Lisa, as a photographer, hardly leaves without her camera.  The moment the bride arrived at the church, she's already taking pictures.  Maybe not as much as when she's working, but still...she's taking pictures.  

My friend, Dito and I, quite jealous of her hahaha...because we want to have eyes like her (and Eric, another friend of ours).  We want to be able to see the beauty and capture it.  I think the ability to capture it was the important part.
Her works nowadays is not just for wedding, although maybe mostly are from wedding, but I know she also works for family pictures, even for clothing lines and beauty lines too.
She's really talented, and yet still eager to learn new things.
So...if you please go to her website lisamargaret you can see some of her works and her journey.

I'm so proud to call her my friend.

(proof that I really know her hahahaha)


Ditogendut said...

Everytime I see a picture she took, I'm always torn between 2 feelings. One is mesmerized, while the other is nothing less than unadulterated envy. LOL Especially when she (or Eric) took the picture using minimal equipment like pocket camera or even cameraphone. Hieh...

Btw, not everyday I see you use a standard theme for your blog. Since when did you use this one?

Caroline Zenia said...

I changed the layout on the day I wrote the post hehehe....looking for something simple.

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