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Juliet - Anne Fortier

When Julie Jacobs inherits a key to a safety-deposit box in Siena, Italy, she is told that it will lead her to an old family treasure. Soon she is launched on a winding and perilous journey into the history of her ancestor Giuletta, whose legendary love for a young man named Rome, rocked the foundation of medieval Siena. As Julie crosses paths with the descendants of the families immortalized in Shakespeare's unforgettable blood feud, she begins to realize that the notorius curse-"A plague on both your houses!"-is still at work, and that she is the next target. It seems that the only one who can save Julie from her fate is Rome-but where is he?

Usually, I don't buy this kind of book. I mean, from the look of the cover I know this book is more than just a romance, more than just "a girl meet boy and they lived happily ever after". I know that this book a little bit like The Gargoyle. But yet somehow...somehow...I felt like I should give this book a chance (halah! bahasanya!!)

So...after a month (or maybe a few week) and after two books later (three if you count "Warna Langit") I finally decided to finish this book. And I'm right. This book is really more than just a romance, it is a love story, but it has some history in it. One of the reviewers told that this book is like Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. And I agree!

So where do I begin to tell you about this book without telling it too much of its secret?

Juliet tells a story, an adventure one, of Julie Jacobs in finding the truth about her parents. Now Julie or Giuletta, has a twin sister, Janice or Giannozza, but they have nothing in common. Not just their looks are different, but their personality is also different. So when Julie finally able to go to Siena, Janice decided to stay in America and for a week or two, Julie try to unravel the mysteries about her parents and about the tale of Romeo and Juliet all alone. And when Julie get the box that her mom left her, she begin to discover the truth behind the Shakespeare story of Romeo and Juliet. And then Janice suddenly showed in Siena, makes the adventure more...merrier. I think.

The story told in 1st person pov, which is from Julie's pov, and yet I kinda enjoyed it. It moved from the present to the year of 1340, back and forth for some chapters, especially when Giuletta reading some journal about the history. And like others suspense novel, you never guessed who the bad guys and who the good guys. Even me, if not for the curiosity for wanting to know with whom Julie end up with, maybe I also be like Julie, wondering if Romeo the good guy or the bad guy.

About the story of Romeo and Juliet in this book itself, well...I must's more complicated that Shakespeare's, and it involved three families, not just two. The result is the same. Both were dead, Juliet from sleeping potion (in our time we have sleeping pills), while Romeo stabbed from the back while trying to wake Juliet. And the person who said the curse was a friar.

What I love about this book is the story about Romeo and Juliet itself. The language is beautiful, a little bit like a poet but I still understand. The love between Romeo and Juliet, the strong bond between them, and the tragic loss between the families involved, all of them are real and believable. I really can't put the book down.

And I love Romeo (the ancient and the modern one). Who doesn't?

So if you want to know about the historical background (although it may not be true) about the story of Romeo and Juliet, or want to know more about Romeo and Juliet without the Shakespearean language, this Juliet is good to read. You'll have romance, some mystery, learn some history, and you can also visit Italy and maybe learn some of the language :) Ciao!

"Now why," said Romeo in a voice so low that only Giuletta could make out the words, "would it be such a shame if I died?"

She took a deep but angry breath. "You saved my life."

"And all I asked in return was to be your knight."

"What good a knight without his head?"

Romeo smiled and stepped closed. "I assure you, as long you are near me there is no ground for such fears."

"And do I have your word?" Giuletta looked straight into his eyes. "Promise that you will not attempt to engage Salimbeni?"

"It seems," Romeo, very much enjoying the exchange, "you are now asking me a second favor...and this one far more demanding that the firs. But shall I be generous and tell you that my price is still the same."

Her jaw dropped. "Your price?"

"Or my reward, or whatever you choose to call it. It is unchanged."

"You scoundrel!" hissed Giuletta, struggling to quell a smile. "I come here to free you from a lethal vow, and yet you are determined yo steal my virtue?"

Romeo grinned. "Surely, a kiss would not tax your virtue."

She squared her shoulders against his charms. "It depends on who kisses me. I highly suspect a kiss from you would instantly void sixteen years of savings"

"What good are savings if you never spend them?"
(pp 137)


mia said...

Satu yg aku takjub akan dirimu, kalau sudah niat sepertinya semua bs jreng jreng jreng and voila it's done. Bravo!
Ga kaya aku setengah-setengah semuanya. Haha, ok, back to the book. I love the cover dan ternyata ceritanya bagus ya? Beli di mana? Di peri ga pernah kliatan :(

CAROLINE said...

Hahaha...kebetulan emang ceritanya menarik jadi ya diterusin...kemaren-kemaren juga ada kok cerita yang aku cuma baca satu bab atau malah cuma beberapa halaman langsung aku tinggal karena enggak nyambung dengan gaya bahasanya or ceritanya.

Ketemu di Periplus lho aku sama buku ini...

Apa mau pinjem punya aku aja? ntar gantian aku titipin sufei :)

mia said...

Huwah dipinjemin ya maulaaah. Sekalian sama Ice dan gargoyle boleh ga? hihihi *minta ditoyor*

CAROLINE said...

:D no problem...ada yang lain? hahahaha...

mia said...

Waduh apa ya? Itu aja deh udah cukup banyak ini masih ada 2 Nic Sparks pinjeman dan rencana juga mau baca The Book Thief yang fenomenal itu. Dirimu sudah baca Ze?

CAROLINE said...

Hm...The Book Thief...judulnya menarik tapi somehow...kayaknya critanya tragis-depresi gitu deh hahaha...tunggu ya cek dulu







yup...settingnya bikin depresi. Anything from WW2, especially with German background, aku hindari.

Bahkan film pun kalo bisa dihindari. Yang enggak sengaja ditonton waktu itu cuma Schindler's List dan filmnya Brad Pitt itu..selebihnya...pikir-pikir deh..

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