Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wish List

Still with books....after all the upcoming are some of my wish list...some books that I'm still looking for and really want to read...

From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.
Wow...the title is long! This is children story and looks like quite old. It was published in 1967 and won Newbery Medal in 1968. It even turned into a movie!

It tells a story about two kids, brother and sister, who decided to run away to the museum to teach their parents a lesson. The museum is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. I think it's a little bit like The Night at The Museum 1. Let see if I can find it in here...although I don't think so.

Thanks to Mia for the review about this book...but still I haven't found or even read the book. My friend in Aussie is still trying to find me this book, since the author is Australian. Just hope my friend will be able to buy this book for me.

The Worry Tree tells about a girl named Juliet who is a worrier...she's worry about almost anything, until she find an old painting of an old tree behind the wallpaper of her new bedroom. It's the Worry Tree! And with the help of some Worry Tree animals, Juliet just might be able to solve some of life's big problems!

Next are from Alexandra Bullen. And both have 'wish' on the title :D

The similarity on both books are wishes that comes in form of clothes. Really an interesting story and can't wait to find it in here. Maybe next month, because Wish just released last December on paperback while Wishful Thinking just released this January on hardcover.


mia said...

Ze, buku ini Mrs Basil ini mah diobral 10ribuan kapanan itu di Gramed! ;p aku ada. Mau dibawain pas Ze ke jktkah?

Yg wish itu aku ya kepingin, bagus covernya ;)

Worry tree lumayan bagus kok, lagian bs dijadiin inves buat anak kita nanti haha

CAROLINE said...

Yg mrs. basil bahasa indo apa inggris? tp gpp deh...titipin sufei ya..kalo tipis paling bacanya cepet. :)

Iya yang worry tree penasaran banget dan kyknya emang bagus...

mia said...

Bahasa Indo Ze tipis kok, apalagi worry treenya lebih tipis lagi, tar deh aku titipin sufei deh. Apa Worry tree mau dibawain sekalian?

CAROLINE said...

Worry Tree gak usah deh gak papa...aku masih berharap temenku di aussie ketemu. Kalo yang Mrs. Basil kan lebih susah dicari karena buku lama. Thanks ya non :)

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