Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Soon's that time of the year again!!

Christmas time!!

Hahahaha I know it's not even Halloween...but since I (we) don't celebrate any Halloween or even Thanksgiving, and even it's still in October, some music store already showing up their Christmas music.

And...remember that I already downloaded Faith Hill's "Joy To The World" album and just got Kristin Chenoweth's "A Lovely Time To Spend Christmas" I'm beginning to feel Christmas is going to come sooner than later. And it help cooling down the weather for a little
Anyway, as I wondered around Amazon, I realize that on 4th November there will be at least 2 albums going to be released and both of the albums are my favorite. They are


Andrea Bocelli new album really make me gasp! and shriek at the same time

And, although I never listened to his album exclusively, I really looking forward for this one too.

Those three album, according to will release on 4th November 2008. out for those albums

Meanwhile, on 11th November 2008, there's on album that I'm really looking forward to hear (and to buy if it doesn't to expensive in here). It's...'s coming soon...

The Christmas is coming sooner than later...

The albums are also coming soon....

And I know it's worth the wait!

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