Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another blog


Just want to write about this...not to announce it (what's the difference, since I'm writing about it on this 'public' blog, where everybody can read it?). I have another blog.

Anyway, what I though was an accident, a mistake, turn out to be something that I can use. Unfortunately, I already deleted that account so I have to make another one.

Yup...I have ANOTHER blog...but different from this one, that blog or that Journal (I'm using LiVe Journal) will be my Personal Online Diary...where I can write something just for my eyes only...which mean nobody can read it. And I'll move my Myspace entries to this Journal.


Well, simply just because I can't post any entry to my Myspace blog from my mobile. And since this blog (celotehze) already a 'public' blog, I can't use it as my personal diary. I don't think any blogspot can be used as a diary. The only blog that I can use as my personal diary is on Myspace blog [if there are other blogs that can be used as a personal diary, then I don't know]. But since I can't open it from my mobile, it won't do.

I'm doing this as a preparation on my 'journey' to Malang next July. With so many things (or maybe nothing) will happen, I'm going need more than just my daily planner to write about everything. I'll be needing all my blogs where I can write about it!!

We'll see all about it on July then....


Ditogendut said...

Bukannya blogger juga bisa bikin private blog ya? Gue kan pernah cerita kalo gue punya private blog. Sama seperti punya Yan, tapi gue nggak invite siapa-siapa buat bisa baca blog gue yang itu, jadinya ya private banget. Hehehe...

CAROLINE said...

Hm..iya juga yah...lupa gue hehehe...tapi gak papa lah...or...apa gue pindah lagi? Abis di blogspot lebih bagus layout nya hahaha


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